Pocket. Gamer Connects London is now ON!

Our biggest show of the year just kicked off in London and it's a 10th anniversary special! Find out what's at the show and how you can be a part of it

Pocket. Gamer Connects London is now ON!

Get ready for two days of connecting, communicating, trends, innovations, seminars, discussions and more, live and direct from central London at our biggest event of the year - Pocket Gamer Connects London is now on!

And this year's PGC London is extra special - it’s our 10th anniversary event with more booths, talks and attendees than ever. So what can you expect from our biggest show ever?

It's not too late to attend!

First of all, if you’ve not got your tickets yet, it’s not too late!

PGC London runs from Monday 22 January to Tuesday 23 Jan and tickets are still available on our website here.

Can’t attend in person? No problem. A Virtual Ticket will allow you to make meetings and connect with those at the show and enjoy ALL of the sessions and seminars on video after the event. Find out more about a virtual ticket here.

So what’s at the show?

We’ll be hosting attendees from over 2500 top name companies, so this is your chance to connect with them in person or via Meet to Match with virtual tickets.

Wanting to break into the games industry? Or looking for the finest new talent for your company? Don’t miss the Careers Zone where we’ll be working with Games Industry Talent to help hook up those looking for new opportunities with those hunting for talent. Find out more here.

Working in Web3 and blockchain? Don’t miss out Top 50 Blockchain Games Company reveal on Day 2 along with a host of meeting opportunities across the show floor and don’t miss the Building on Blockchain and Web3 Wonder talk tracks on Day 2.

This year - especially for our 10h anniversary - we’re partnering with charity SpecialEffect for a special, one-off fundraiser. Together we’re producing a unique, limited edition pin exclusively for attendees. Attendees can purchase these pins during the event, and all profits from the sales will be donated to SpecialEffect. Find out more here.

Are you an indie developer looking to grow your company? Or do you simply want to connect with the makers of the next big thing? Then you need to head to our Indie Zone where you can connect with fellow creators and learn everything you’ll need for a successful 2024. Find out more here.

Want to talk to Take a trip to our Journalist Bar and chat to the team there and show off your game! If it’s new and innovative, our team want to hear about it. Make sure you check in!

All this and a party too!

There really is too much to list here but let’s not forget the Global Connects Party on the night of Monday 22nd. This will be our big birthday bash at Bounce in central London with ping pong and Maraoke (yup - video game themed karaoke…)

Every Pocket Gamer Connects London ticket will get you free entry.

See you at the show

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