Trouble at the top for Esports as ESL Faceit Group lays off 15% of staff

Up to 300 people are expected to lose their jobs across departments and seniority levels as "sustainable growth ambitions and profitability" take priority

Trouble at the top for Esports as ESL Faceit Group lays off 15% of staff

With layoffs continually commonplace in the games industry currently, the latest company cutting down on its employment numbers is ESL Faceit Group (EFG), letting go of 15% of its global workforce.

This reduction is attributed to EFG’s goals to reorganise, move with the times and increase profits, and means up to 300 people will lose their jobs.

Reasons to reorganise

EFG’s worldwide layoffs are expected to impact all departments and all seniority levels, with efficiency being a core principle of who stays.

Employees affected by the layoffs are being cut off from their company emails later today, February 28, only one day after the announcement; even so, EFG aims to treat all employees with respect with everyone due to "receive confirmation of their current status and next steps as soon as possible".

The decision to cut staff came after "a thorough evaluation" of EFG’s needs and priorities and is part of a reorganisational effort, determining evolution in a fast-paced market necessitates the layoffs. EFG also noted "sustainable growth ambitions and profitability" as a reason for letting staff go, while eager to maintain that they are "absolutely" sustainable as an enterprise.

EFG is, after all, the world’s largest Esports company with the merged might of ESL, Faceit and Vindex/EE behind it. By laying off 15% of staff, the combined entity aims to reorient the remaining team with a sharper focus on Esports and gaming landscapes.

"We understand how hard this is, especially for those who will no longer be a part of EFG. As co-CEOs, we did not make this decision lightly. We feel it’s important to take accountability for it, and provide clarity and transparency from the outset of the changes ahead," co-CEOs Craig Levine and Niccolo Maisto revealed in a statement.

"We will offer financial support on a global scale, in addition to local considerations. We are mindful of the fact that having access to a personal computer is essential to our daily lives and for this reason every impacted employee will have the opportunity to keep both their laptop and mobile phone.

"These moves, along with efforts to reorient the team on EFG’s core mission and vision, will sharpen our focus and better equip us to navigate the dynamic esports and gaming landscape by removing complexity and better integration across all teams."

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