Valeo reveals Unity-powered in-car gaming experience Valeo Racer

The game uses Unity tech to integrate a vehicle’s real surroundings into the game, including buildings, roads and traffic

Valeo reveals Unity-powered in-car gaming experience Valeo Racer

Mobility technology company Valeo will introduce Valeo Racer at SXSW 2024 utilising the latest Unity features for the first time. This 'extended reality' in-car gaming experience integrates real-world surroundings for new adventures.

Valeo Racer combines real-world perception with digital gaming elements using the vehicle's ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) and AI algorithms. It also integrates live environment data into Unity's Runtime, creating an adaptive gaming experience.

Blazing new trails

Unity's Runtime will power core game functions, enabling passengers to connect their devices to in-vehicle WiFi for multiplayer competitions in Valeo Racer where “every ride becomes a special and fun experience, be it for a short commute or a longer journey."

Geoffrey Bouquot, EVP strategy and CTO at Valeo says, “As vehicles are equipped with more sensors and software to support driving assistance and autonomous driving systems, we see opportunities to reuse sensors and computing power already onboard to support new entertainment experiences."

“Working with Unity teams and relying on their amazing expertise in gaming to insert digital elements into our live feed of the vehicle environment has been a great journey of partnership and innovation, and we look forward to blazing new trails together," adds Bouquot.

Ultimate passenger satisfaction

Unity has seen increased adoption in the automotive industry as its engine is utilized throughout the sector, from pre-production design and ADAS simulation to in-vehicle infotainment systems.

The game engine company showcased Unity 6 and its AI-powered future last year where it also partnered with Roku to deliver a new avenue for app makers to place ads for their apps.

“We hope the unique experience developed with Valeo serves as a template for engineers and creators to think beyond the use of our technology for just safety, to ultimate passenger satisfaction - front seat and back," said Marc Whitten, chief product and technology officer at Unity.

Meanwhile gaming in cars continues to develop. Rovio partnered with Mercedes-Benz to make some of the company's most popular games playable on their in-car infotainment tech. BMW on the other hand, is bringing in-car gaming to life in their BMW 5 series in partnership with AirConsole.

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