iDialUDrive hands-free phone dialling app for iPhone

Designed to help you drive legally while chatting on your iPhone

iDialUDrive hands-free phone dialling app for iPhone
It sounds like something that probably makes more sense when you actually see it in action than it does by trying to describe it, but iDialUDrive is basically a new application intended to bring hands-free dialling to the iPhone.

The application works by requiring you to create a custom list of calls you need to make during your commute from the built-in contacts application. When on the move, the application requires just one button press to call the first contact on the list. After that, it automatically dials each subsequent number as the calls end, without any further action on your part.

An innovative system that could work, so long as you know precisely who you'll need to call (and in what order) before setting off. iDialUDrive definitely won't break the bank if you're some kind of well-equipped sales rep and it sounds like something that would dynamically increase your mobile portfolio, however.

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