Nokia announces shortlist for Mobile Games Innovation Challenge

Top ten developers in line for €40,000 prize

Nokia announces shortlist for Mobile Games Innovation Challenge
We took a look at the Mobile Games Innovation Challenge when it was launched back in April (and, of course, Pocket Gamer was on the judging panel),  but it's already time for Nokia to announce the top ten shortlist of developers, if you can believe that. Where's this year gone?

Well, October 29th probably can't come soon enough for the finalists of the N-Gage competition – three of which will be invited to the Nokia Games Summit in Rome to collect prizes of €40,000, €20,000 and €10,000 to enable further development of their concepts. Let's take a look at the list of finalists and their ideas:

  • Active Tecnologia e Consultoria Ltda. (Brazil) with Cinemarena – set in a movie theatre, controlling avatars on the big screen

  • CreatePlayShare (India) with Ball – play any ball game on your mobile or even create your own new game

  • Different Game (Sweden) with Ghost Wire – use your mobile device to communicate with ghosts

  • Eclipse Interactive (UK) with Watchers – conspiracy adventure game that uses Nokia Maps and other real world tools to find locations

  • Int13 (France) with Kweekies – augmented reality virtual pet game

  • Jadestone (Sweden) and C4M (France) with Melokey – a music game for mobile devices where you learn to master songs and play them against other in-game characters to win the hearts of your fans

  • LemonQuest (Spain) with Wave Pirates – turn into a pirate navigating the seven seas, looking for gold and glory

  • Onur Yazilim (Turkey) with Comet Hunter – a 2-D shooting game which combines the excitement of shooting with natural sound effects made by players themselves

  • Simlife (China) with XDancery – a music game where players can touch the screen, draw patterns on screen, shake the device or sing into it to hit the music tempo notes

  • TechnoBubble (Spain) with Fun Cam – a mixed reality game that connects your camera on your mobile device to the TV

"The Mobile Games Innovation Challenge has demonstrated the huge potential of this industry on a global level, and the innovation that can be applied to mobile games," said Dr Mark Ollila, director of games publishing at Nokia. "We've seen some groundbreaking ideas and some really unique concepts. It just goes to show how many creative minds there are out there and it really looks like we're going to set out what we wanted to achieve with this Challenge - to rock the industry."

Good luck from Pocket Gamer to the finalists, and keep checking back for more news on the outcome.

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