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Each iOS device sold equates to $12 for developers reckons Asymco's Dediu

Or 50c a month for 24 months

Each iOS device sold equates to $12 for developers reckons Asymco's Dediu
The latest figures from Apple's 2011 Q4 financial report have led Asymco's Horace Dediu to deduce some significant number crunching stats, not least that each iOS device Apple sells equates to around $12 for each developer on its App Store.

This figure includes deductions taken by Apple, as it would be $17 each were the Cupertino firm not to take its 30 percent share.

Take that to the bank

Given that 335 million units have been sold and that 25 billion apps have been downloaded, Dediu states that around 75 apps will have been downloaded on average to each individual device.

"Since we know the average price (23c) and the payout ratio (70 percent) then all this boils down to the fact that each iOS device generates $17 of iTunes income from Apps alone," wrote Dediu.

"That also means that each iOS device sold results in a minimum payment of $12 to iOS developers."

Dediu even goes so far as to break this figure down further, indicating that on average each device sold equates to 50c a month over a 24 month life cycle.

[source: Asymco]

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