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Chart of the Week: Higher the screen resolution, higher the monetisation

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Chart of the Week: Higher the screen resolution, higher the monetisation
Given the millions of downloads it's experienced and the millions of dollars it's generated, social mobile publisher Pocket Gems is in a good position to provide some industry insight.

In an interesting research project, it's looked back at how its games monetised during 2012 across devices of differing screen resolutions.

Considering Android and iPhone devices, we really shouldn't be surprised that as resolution increases, so does the relative level of monetisation.

What is significant, however, is how much better the biggest resolution devices monetise.

Big, better

In terms of Android, users on the newest smartphones packing 1280x720 resolutions are 10 times more valuable than those on puny 480x320 devices, and five times more valuable than those running 640x480 devices.

In comparison, when it comes to iPhones (Pocket Gems doesn't compare across platforms), the difference between a 480x320 resolution iPhone 3GS and an 1136x640 iPhone 5 is just three-fold.

We'd also assume that the 3GS monetises closer to a 640x480 Android phone than a 480x320 one.

As for iPad, as a different type of device compared to a phone, the relative monetisation ratio is around the same for each type, regardless of whether it's an original iPad or an iPad mini.

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