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Bitmango finds 3x higher ARPU on Amazon Appstore

Not bad for two hours of work

Bitmango finds 3x higher ARPU on Amazon Appstore

Many casual game publishers focus exclusively on the App Store or Google Play, but South Korean casual games outfit Bitmango found unexpected success on the Amazon Appstore.

Publishing team lead Yewoon Seo shared a case study with Amazon that showed the performance of one of Bitmango’s flagship titles, Draw the Line: Classic, in the United States.

Seo noted that "results were great" as his team saw an ARPU of 3.03 or, roughly, three times what it was seeing on Google Play for the same game.

Going broader, Draw the Line - Classic found even more success globally with an ARPU of 6.22 on the Amazon Appstore.

Speaking on his team's decision to enter the Amazon Appstore, Seo noted it was an "obvious" choice due to the similarities between raw Android and Appstore platform.

Two hours of tweaking

Perhaps what's most interesting in all of this, however, is how little work was required for the ports - and how quick the approval process was.

"There's not much effort at all to port our app from Google Play to the Amazon Appstore. It took us approximately one to two hours per app, by just tweaking the API," Seo began.

"For our app the certification process was only a day, which was something we have never seen before in any other store," he concluded.

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