PocketGamer.biz RoundTable: Understanding The New Opportunities In Mobile Game Audio (Online)
Jun 15th 2021

PocketGamer.biz RoundTable: Understanding The New Opportunities In Mobile Game Audio (Online)

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Date & Times: Tuesday, June 15th 2021
4pm to 5pm
Location: Online Event
Expected Size: 100 – 250
Ticket Cost: FREE
Target Audience: Developers, Indie Developers, Creatives, Marketing, Publishers, Ad Companies
Event Type: Online Event
Featured Platforms: iOS, Android, Handheld Console

Register now to discover the importance of audio in mobile gaming, in a panel discussion organised by PocketGamer.biz and AudioMob Understanding the new opportunities in mobile game audio - and why they matter to the growth of your business!

Audio has always mattered to games, with sweeping scores, meticulously directed dialogue and nuanced sound FX making games more immersive, more convincing and more playable.

But now a combination of new industry trends, rising technology and increasing intersection with other mediums has brought game makers and publishers a host of new opportunities. Today, mobile games can be a discoverability platform for music, a destination for innovative collaborations with musicians, and an entity monetised by audio ads that run in the background - or deeply integrated into your game world.

A practical RoundTable discussion

How can game makers harness this potential? Where do players listening to music while they play your game come in, and is that even a problem? What does the podcast boom have to do with mobile game development? What is the psychology of how audio cements our relationship with games? What does this mean for the future of your business? And what audio trends will define mobile gaming five or ten years from now?

In this expert panel, chaired by AudioMob co-founder and CEO Christian Facey, you'll get answers to those questions and more.


Christian Facey: AudioMob co-founder and CEO [Moderator]
Mark Quick: Director at game studio 9th Impact
Niklas Lürken: Head of Digital Development at AnyEver, a full-service audio marketing agency
Julia Reip: Client Team Lead, Entertainment at the7stars

Special thanks to our partners: AudioMob
Rewarded audio is emerging as an effective alternative to blocking players with rewarded video ads. Its non-intrusive nature as an ad format is making it a rapid favourite: AudioMob’s simple Unity plug-in offers a new complementary way of monetising without interrupting gameplay, by running rewarded audio ads seamlessly alongside the action. It is the simple ad solution that the gaming world needed: it is changing the way branded messages are shared, welcomed by gamers and helping game developers see their hard work pay off.

Find out more at: https://audiomob.io/

Read articles about AudioMob's work at our editorial site: https://www.pocketgamer.biz/company/21937/audiomob/

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The PocketGamer.Biz RoundTables series is aimed at bridging the gap between the expert insight offered each day in our b2b site's articles, and the awesome live experience of our Pocket Gamer Connects and Pocket Gamer Connects Digital conferences.

In each of these regular RoundTables, we'll bring together four or five leading industry experts in a specific field to discuss a pertinent subject, hosted by the PG.biz team. We'll broadcast the live event for free to everyone who signs up - who can also interact and ask questions - then we'll follow up with some key points in an article and make the video available on our PG.biz YouTube channel.

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A RoundTable is a great opportunity to see, for free, the kind of expert content that PocketGamer.biz delivers at our live and digital conferences. These complete, multi-day events bring together speakers and panellists from around the world to share knowledge and insight, as well as provide great networking opportunities. The next Pocket Gamer Connects Digital takes place in July 2021.

Meanwhile, every few weeks we'll share these standalone discussion RoundTables so you can gain valuable insight, and also get familiar with watching and participating in online panel discussions. Future themes will cover a range of timely and insightful topics: keep your eyes out for our next one! 

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