Company Spotlight: AppQuantum

Find out more about the mobile games publisher helping talented developers around the globe focus on making mobile games they love

Company Spotlight: AppQuantum

Company Spotlight:


Date Founded:


Business Type:

Mobile Free-to-Play Game Publisher


Limassol, Cyprus

Chief executive officer:

Anton Kim

A skilled leader bringing a decade of performance marketing experience. He has crafted marketing strategies for various products, from e-commerce to mobile apps. As former CMO, he grew AppQuantum's marketing department tenfold in just two years. Now, as CEO, he's dedicated to AppQuantum's successful development.

Key Staff:

Victoria Beliaeva, CBDO

For over five years Beliaeva has been excelling in PR and business development. Prior to this, she explored various roles, including producer, narrative designer and content manager, among others. The list goes on! Today, she holds the role of head of business development and PR, spearheading effective communications and fostering successful partner relationships.

Elena Bugakova, CPO

Bugakova's game industry experience is remarkable. She began in MMORPGs, designing classes and social features, before transitioning to mobile free-to-play games in 2015 with Towards Mars. At AppQuantum, she was the producer of hits like Gold and Goblins, achieving great success. Today, she serves as AppQuantum's chief product officer, raising our games to new levels.

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Website & Social Media links:

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Key Games:

Gold and Goblins
Dragon Champions
Idle Light City
Evil Clicker

Main Areas Of Business:

● Mobile game publishing
● Mobile game marketing
● Mobile game design
● Mobile game monetisation
● Investments and M&A

Elevator Pitch:

We help talented developers around the globe focus on making mobile games they love. We publish their projects and increase their revenue so they can produce worldwide hits.

AppQuantum takes on marketing, ASO, legal matters, support, community management, and product expertise – everything that can distract a developer from creating and improving the game. We know how to make a developer's life easier and their work more efficient.

Case Study: Gold and Goblins

$7,000,000 revenue in 90 days

Key Steps:

1. Launched a series of tests in early stages of the development, created a prolonged test strategy to exclude randomness, and gathered enough data for scaling.

2. Optimised UA campaigns for installs and purchases.

3. Designed custom dashboards in our BI system built specifically for the needs of the project.

4. Provided analysis of all updates and features, helped with QA and support, constantly reviewed the game, and provided developers with ideas on monetisation.

5. Got featured on AppStore and Google Play.

6. Managed to make and test 70 creatives per week back in 2020-2021.

7. Achieved IPM 5.8 for the top creative, $45 ARPPU in the US, and $7,000,000 in revenue during the first 3 months after signing the contract.

Case Study: Dragon Champions

$1,000,000 revenue in 29 days

Key Steps:

1. Seasonal events with exclusive content (Halloween and New Year) got our app featured status on Google Play and App Store.

2. Our Creative Team reached a volume of 50 creatives per week back in 2019.

3. We automated our predictive analytics system that updated automatically hourly to quickly optimize channels, campaigns, and creatives.

4. Tested 27 app icons during 3 months with results of +23% conversion rate from click to install and -29% first-day uninstall rate.

5. Introduced a lot of new content, keeping our price policy intentionally soft.

Case Study: Gold and Goblins

$12,000,000 Ad Concept Spend

Crafted a top-performing ad concept with a spend of $12M+ for our hit mobile game. We've developed an approach that allows us to produce and test creatives very fast to achieve a much better UA campaign performance of the product in any genre.

Key Steps:

1. Created successful creative GAGAPPQ-636 with a spend of around $550,000.

2. Improved it by amplifying emotional hooks, refining visuals, and simplifying mechanics.

3. Created a bunch of new iterations partly based on the previous one with a new script and experimental central idea, which resulted in highly successful creative GAGAPPQ-867. It achieved a spend of $7,500,000+, and an “IPM × Retention” metric was 1.5 times higher than GAGAPPQ-636.

4. After the tests, we immediately began developing the idea using increased timings, extended actions, and events. This way, we created the 45-second-long version of the creative - GAGAPPQ-1088, which achieved a spend of more than $4,000,000.

Tell us something about you that nobody really knows about:

Ad creatives for our projects have motivated some mobile game developers to create games inspired by our concepts.

We firmly believe that inspiration is everywhere. For us, it's within the vibrant world of mobile games!