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Snowprint Studios hire ex-Miniclip talent as new CMO

The Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus developers have appointed Jonathan Winters as their new CMO

Snowprint Studios hire ex-Miniclip talent as new CMO

Snowprint Studios, developers of the popular turn-based strategy mobile game Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus, are set to bring in a new chief marketing officer in the form of Jonathan Winters.

A former staffer at Miniclip, Winters served as director of performance marketing and is credited with helping to grow their global gaming audience over his eight year tenure. Winters enters the studio hot off their Best Mobile Game of the Year win at Pocket Gamer's Mobile Game of the Year awards.

“I am very excited to join Snowprint and work with such a talented team. I can’t wait to help grow its gaming presence on a global scale. Tacticus has the potential to become a global phenomenon in the tactical segment and I’m super excited to bring the game to its full potential. Being a fan of turn-based strategy and RPG games, I’m looking forward to this fantastic role.”

Grim Darkness of the Mobile Gaming Future

With Winters role as the chief marketing officer, he'll be joining a studio that has managed to accrue 1.5m players globally. Warhammer 40,000, the IP that their hit game is based on, is of course the world-famous miniatures game-turned multimedia franchise. The franchise itself has seen rumours of possible Amazon show, and a formidable (and growing) catalogue of third-party video games.

Snowprint are highly confident in Tacticus' continued success, and CEO Alexander Ekvall is confident that Winters is the man to drive the studio forward “Jonathan’s track record and extensive experience from marketing a large number of titles across multiple platforms make him the ideal person to drive Snowprint’s marketing strategy.”

With Tacticus, Snowprint have the lucrative opportunity to further tap into not only a well-known IP, but also an existing fanbase that are overall comfortable with monetization. Miniatures are not cheap by any means after all. It seems then that the next step for Snowprint is to revamp their marketing and start bringing in even more players as 2023 continues.

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