ThumbThug adds FishLabs games to roster

More free games as portal expands again

ThumbThug adds FishLabs games to roster has been expanding at a rate of knots over the last couple of months – providing free mobile titles from the likes of Digital Chocolate and (the sadly defunct) Vivendi Games Mobile and tying in its demographic with the App Store.

FishLabs is the latest mobile game developer to add its titles to ThumbThug’s free games list through a partnership with ad-funded games company, Greystripe.

The deal, which includes games such as Tank Raid 3D, Robot Alliance 3D, HeliStrike 3D, Galaxy On Fire 3D, Planet Riders 3D, Burning Tires 3D and Deep 3D, promises a revenue share for all parties involved – with FishLabs monetising its games through the website distribution channel when players are shown advertisements before and after the game loads.

This partnership comes after ThumbThug recently began supplying BlackBerry games through the distribution portal, though competition is looming from the likes of Palm, O2 and the Android as more and more digital distribution networks spring up in response to the overwhelming popularity of the App Store.

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