Nvidia unveils 12 Tegra-powered devices

Computer-on-a-chip offers 25 days of music playback on a single charge

Nvidia unveils 12 Tegra-powered devices
The next big chip manufacturer battle seems to be heating up, with Nvidia pushing its Tegra line hard at Computex, with 12 'mobile internet devices' revealed to have its computer-on-a-chip at their core.

These devices have been used to demonstrate the high processing power and low wattage of the Tegra system, which apparently boasts a staggering 25 days of music playback or ten hours of 1080P video playback on a single charge, while playing games at up to 46 frames per second.

"The mobile computing revolution has arrived," says Michael Rayfield, general manager of mobile business at NVIDIA. "These new Tegra-based products combine excellent Internet and media capabilities, always-on operation, and wireless connectivity for the un-tethered Internet experience consumers have been craving".

These always-on processors are small enough and frugal enough when it comes to power consumption that they're proving massively popular with small, connected devices such as netbooks and tablets, but there's no reason at all that they can't also fit inside a smartphone.

The first Tegra-pwered devices are promised within 2009, which should get manufacturers interested enough to begin the next generation of powerful, long-life smartphones underway.

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