Gameloft's sold 10 million iPhone games

Paid downloads please note

Gameloft's sold 10 million iPhone games
Thanks to a stellar 2009 and a Christmas boost from the likes of N.O.V.A. and James Cameron's Avatar, Gameloft has announced it's sold 10 million iPhone games since the App Store's launch.

"We have had a remarkable year on the App Store," said Michel Guillemot, Gameloft's chairman and CEO.

"Our success is defined not only by great production values, but a vested interest in bringing to market games that are commercially friendly and appeal to a mass consumer base. Taking into account that the App Store is only 18 months old, 10 million paid downloads is an achievement we are quite proud of."

Gameloft also said Driver, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X, Asphalt 5, The Settlers, Skater Nation and Shrek Kart performed well over the holiday season.

Significantly however, it didn't reveal any per title sales figures, although as it ended the year with 55 games available on the App Store - 35 of which were launched in 2009 - it seems unlikely that any one game has yet reached the magic one million paid download figure, which is the usual trigger for such announcements.

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