Gameloft roll out new leadership at Gameloft for brands extension

The company's new leadership team are on board to expand advertising solutions to new platforms and technologies

Gameloft roll out new leadership at Gameloft for brands extension

Hit game maker and longterm mobile player Gameloft have announced new leadership and positions across their Gameloft for brands extension in order to provide a reset for their current position and make good on the changing market and their plans for 2024.

The company has appointed Jean-Baptiste Godinot (seated in our picture) as executive vice president in charge of leading Gameloft for brands. Gameloft descrip Godinot as "a leader in the creation of gamified experiences for brands".

Reporting to chief sales officer Guilherme Lachaut, Godinot will work with vice president of operations Christelle Llobet (far right), vice president of production Thierry Lecat (far left) and senior global marketing director Hugues Ossart (left), in new enterprises aimed at revamping their work in both in-game media and in creative services for external brands.

After the launch of COMBO! in 2022, which enabled brands to reach over a billion mobile gamers monthly in a brand and family-safe environment, Gameloft for brands new expansion aims to accompany advertisers in other gaming spaces, as - they see it - "all ecosystems are progressively opening up to advertising."

Future expansions

“Since 2015, our value proposition hasn’t changed: it’s about connecting brands and gamers in their respective best interests," says Jean-Baptiste Godinot on his new position. "We are very excited to extend this mission outside the mobile environment by bringing our expertise to PC and console ecosystems starting in 2024,” 

With 140 staff now dedicated to its creative line of business, Gameloft for brands will take advantage of Gameloft’s gaming and gamification expertise. “With the sudden rise of artificial intelligence, it’s a very exciting time for us as it has revolutionized not only the way we work but also the solutions we can propose to our clients,” says Thierry Lecat.

Gameloft for brands will be launching AI-based consumer projects in 2024 which will aim to show "a new level of commitment in terms of marketing innovations."

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