Android Market gets 9,300 new apps in March

68 percent up on February

Android Market gets 9,300 new apps in March
We all knew that Google's Android OS had it all to do to match the App Store for sheer quantity of apps.

But while it’s still nowhere near Apple’s figure of 160,000 (the Android Market total figure currently sits just shy of 30,000), there are signs that Android app growth is accelerating.

According to Androlib, having grown by 3,807 new apps in December, 4,458 in January and 5,532 in February, March has seen a massive increase of 9,300 apps.

It’s impossible to know for how much more this growth curve can continue, but with some of the finest upcoming smartphone handsets belonging to the Android family, developer support is only going to increase for the foreseeable future.

It will also be interesting to see if the percentage of games that contribute to this figure will increase from the current 13.6 percent of the overall Android app market.

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