Invictus Games' Froggy Jump reaches $5.99 eCPM on InMobi

Increases overall by 40 percent

Invictus Games' Froggy Jump reaches $5.99 eCPM on InMobi
Every ad network needs a good case study to promote its wares, and Invictus Games certainly seems to be a good case study for InMobi.

Indeed, the developer's experience with the ad network has the added benefit of offering up direct comparison with rival set ups, with the studio's title Froggy Jump having tapped up three ad platforms in all.

Ad exchange

Invictus CEO Tamas Kazak said InMobi proved to be the most effective for the game, which retails without charge and makes its money back from in app purchases and advertising.

"InMobi has been a great solution for us given the global nature of the iPhone gaming ecosystem," Kazak said on InMobi's blog.

"We use three different ad networks and now give InMobi first priority due to the significant lift in eCPM rates relative to other networks."
Froggy Jump, which has been downloaded more than three million times to date, saw its eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) on InMobi reach levels double those offered on other networks, increasing by 40 percent on average.

Developer derby

Invictus signed up to InMobi after hearing about the firm's $2 million strong World Developer Fund, which enables studios to keep 100 percent of the revenue generated by the network's advertising until the fund runs dry.

As a result, Froggy Jump has seen its eCPM reach an average of $5.99 – a figure both parties claim has been bumped even higher in some regions.

"Globalisation offers a major opportunity for a small game studio like us," added Kazak.

"InMobi is a valuable long term partner who can offer the reliable global scale we need to successfully run our business."

[source: InMobi]

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