Multiplatform marketplace Mobeep sets sights on Android Market

Offering secure, accelerated downloads

Multiplatform marketplace Mobeep sets sights on Android Market
With the likes of GetJar having already stood tall as a credible alternative to Android Market, so steps up a new challenger.

Multiplatform app marketplace Mobeep actually offers support for a wide variety of formats – Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile apps all on board – but its creators have proclaimed Android their top target.

Eyes on Android

According to Ozura World – the firm behind the venture – consumers and developers alike have had enough of the set up currently employed in Android Market.

In particular, CEO Ken Leong makes specific reference to the purchase restrictions placed on Android owners who reside in certain countries.

Because of the way payments made through Google Checkout are operated, some users are only able to access free apps - though this situation has been addressed by Google to a degree in recent times.

Download wars

Nonetheless, combined with the ability to pause and resume downloads at will, and what the firm describes as a "patented download accelerator" that offers high-speed downloads, Leong believes Mobeep has a set up fit to rival Android Market and its competitors.

"Mobeep holds the potential to fill this gap by providing an excellent solution to a multitude of non-US and UK Android users who thirst for the access to more mobile apps," he said.

"It is precisely our endeavour to provide mobile users with a wide array of mobile apps, regardless of their location."

Developers interested in uploading their apps on to Mobeep are advised to go to the platform's website for more information.

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