Nokia video leak reveals multiple Windows Phone handsets

And they're lookers

Nokia video leak reveals multiple Windows Phone handsets
We've had images of what were later dubbed as 'concepts', and thanks to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, a full reveal of a fully working Windows Phone handset.

Yet, with multiple devices likely in development, the thirst for a snapshot of Nokia's entire Windows Phone range remains high.


That makes a leaked promo video something of a scoop.

Phony phones?

Said video appears to show numerous Windows Phone handsets, including multicoloured devices already used in promo shots, and an entirely new phone, sporting a chunky thick rim and smaller buttons than on existing handsets.

It's likely said video isn't intended for public viewing – it focuses on the broad relationship between Microsoft and Nokia, rather than on a specific handset – but it nevertheless illustrates the scope of the partnership: See Ray might be the only device to be unveiled so far, but multiple Nokia phones will hit the shelves in the coming months.

The leak comes as Nokia has revealed its one and only MeeGo device – N9 – won't be sold in either the US or UK.

The firm has also committed to dropping Symbian in North America when the first Windows Phone devices makes it to retail.

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