Chartboost launches ad platform to allow push cross-promotion between developers

Cutting out the middle man

Chartboost launches ad platform to allow push cross-promotion between developers
Formed out of the fires of Disney's acquisition of Tapulous, newcomer Chartboost brings a twist to one of the most interesting parts of the app ecosystem - promotion. 

Similar to Applifer, but with additional flexibility, Chartboost provides a framework and marketplace for studios to work their own deals, allowing them to pick and choose ads they think will apply to their audience.

It's a set up CEO Maria Alegre and CTO Sean Fannan, both formally of Tapulous, believe will break down walls for developers.

Playing with promotion

"Every aspect is customisable, from the location and frequency of the interstitial to the timing of the campaign, and even filtering out apps that you don’t want to promote," details the firm on its website.

"Our analytics are also detailed, fast, and 100 percent transparent. You'll see impressions, clicks, installs, CPC, CPI and eCPM for each of your apps. We also offer an API to track UDIDs so you can measure the quality of your users."

Rather than link apps up with massive corporations, however, Chartboost will focus on cross-promotion between apps.

The idea is developers will advertise their games on other apps using the SDK, both monetising their own titles and pushing games out to fresh audiences.

Share and share alike

Firms that sign up will gain access to white-labeled fullscreen interstitials, which they can either use to promote their own games, or – when not being used internally – sell directly to other studios.

The software itself is free when used for direct deals or internal promotion, though an opt-in ad network allows studios to revenue share when spots are sold to rival titles.

Chartboost believes such ads will meet with a favourable reaction, too, given users won't perceive them as traditional adverts, but rather merely a recommendation.

Studios looking to pick up the SDK should visit Chartboost's website.

[source: TechCrunch]

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