Buffalo Studios copies NimbleBit, pens open letter criticising Zynga of cloning Bingo Blitz

Clonegate rolls on

Buffalo Studios copies NimbleBit, pens open letter criticising Zynga of cloning Bingo Blitz
As if we hadn't had our fill of 'inspirational' cases, developers are starting their very own trend of publicly pointing their fingers at alleged copycats, with both Nimblebit and Spry Fox staring daggers at Zynga and 6waves LOLApps respectively.

Spry Fox has even gone as far as to sue 6waves LOLApps.

And now the next bout appears to be shaping up with Zynga once again the subject of an indie's ire.

Bingo wings

US outfit Buffalo Studios has taken a leaf out of NimbleBit's book, accusing Zynga of copying it Bingo Blitz and submitting a congratulatory letter praising the San-Francisco firm's 'obvious inspiration'.

"Bingo Blitz has been growing throughout the past year and has obviously earned the attention of titanic forces in the industry," read the open letter.

"Please tell your [Zynga's] thousands of employees and shareholders that we hope they enjoy playing the games we're cooking up next!" it added, with a reference to the previous Nimblebit complaint in a short post-script.

"As you can see, Nimblebit inspires us too!"

Picasso's dilemma

Buffalo's vice president of product marketing and operations at Santa Monica, Salim Mith pointed out the thinking behind the letter.

"We wanted to alert you to the striking similarities between Zynga's recently announced game, to our game Bingo Blitz," he said.

You can see the full letter for yourself here.

[source: VentureBeat]

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