6waves Lolapps' Rex Ng denies breaking NDA over Spry Fox's Triple Town

Allegations 'unjustified and plainly not true'

6waves Lolapps' Rex Ng denies breaking NDA over Spry Fox's Triple Town
Since Tiny Towers developer NimbleBit spoke out in an open letter against Zynga, cloning has become a hot topic, with Bingo Blitz maker Buffalo also throwing in its two cents.

The most potent of clone arguments, however, came in the form of Spry Fox taking legal action against 6waves Lolapps (aka 6L) for copying Triple Town with its match-three game Yeti Town.

Now 6L's chief executive Rex Ng has replied to allegations and argued that his firm had not violated a non-disclosure agreement with Spry Fox and that previous statements that implied that it had were untrue.


"While it's not included in the lawsuit, the authors suggest that our business development team shared information with our game development team about Spry Fox's title," Ng said.

"I want to be very clear: this accusation is unjustified and plainly not true. We have not broken the NDA signed between 6L and Spry Fox."

He also stated that Yeti Town was developed "in isolation from 6L by a company we acquired in January 2012 - a month after the game had launched," referring to Yeti Town maker Escalation.

"Our business development team is focused on growing, and promoting the developer ecosystem, which includes more than 50 independent developers we have partnered with," Ng said.

"Our business is based on trust, which we earn and maintain by keeping the highest level of confidentiality."

[source: VentureBeat]

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