Peter Molyneux will have 'tremendous fun' at 22 Cans, reckons ex-colleague Dene Carter

'It's nice to get back to your grass roots'

Peter Molyneux will have 'tremendous fun' at 22 Cans, reckons ex-colleague Dene Carter
Peter Molyneux's move back into independent development will be "tremendous fun" according to his Fable co-conspirator Dene Carter, now juggling his creative endeavours between his solo venture Fluttermind and start-up studio, Another Place Productions.

52 year-old Molyneux dramatically left his position of head of Microsoft Studios just days after a San Francisco press engagement, promoting the next iteration of the Fable franchise.

One of the big stories of last week's GDC was the subsequent formation of a new independent studio, called 22 Cans, where he has taken up the role of creative director.

Another studio

The news came just weeks after Dene Carter set up Another Place Productions alongside five ex-Lionhead veterans.

"My guess is [Molyneux] probably left for the same reasons as I did," Carter said. "It's nice sometimes to get back to your grass roots."

"Obviously there is a link that his leaving comes so soon after I released [Incoboto]," joked Carter.

Asked if he had an inside track into Molyneux's plans, Carter said: "I don't know what he's doing, actually [but] I'm sure he'll have tremendous fun doing it."

Small stories

The trend for creative leads to set up their own studio comes after years of working in large teams - a process that eventually frustrated Carter.

"[Incoboto] honestly, is the side effect of my annoyance of working for a large company, really.

"There's nothing wrong with large companies and big franchises," Carter added.

"I think they're fantastic things. But if you're someone who comes from a background like did everything. I used to code, I used to do art, I'd do music, it was great."

He described the Apple ecosystem as "an empowering platform."

"If you can do something, you can just bloody do it. It's fantastic."

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