Apple and Samsung set date for patent feud settlement talks

Mark 21-22 May in your calendars

Apple and Samsung set date for patent feud settlement talks
Following a US district court judge's request for both companies to meet within 90 days, tech giants Apple and Samsung have agreed to meet for settlement talks over their ongoing patent lawsuits on 21-22 May.

Meetings will take place in a San Francisco courthouse, where CEOs and chief lawyers from both parties will meet to hash out their disputes currently pending in a total of 10 countries.


It's a date

Settlement talks - which will focus on alleged infringed design patents for both mobiles and tablets, as well as an additional list-scrolling software patent - will be overseen by US Magistrate judge Joseph C. Spero, while litigation will take place before a San Jose division of the court.

Judge Spero has requested both parties to provide a settlement statement by 9 May, including "a candid evaluation of the parties' likelihood of prevailing on the claims and defences."

Despite doing business together on a regular basis, Apple and Samsung have been wrapped up in legal battles for some time now.

Last December, Judge Koh blocked the Cupertino company's request to halt the sale of four Samsung products in the US including the Galaxy S 4G, Infune 4G, Droid Charge, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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