Google exec Charles Yim joins monetisation outfit PlayHaven as COO

Taking it to the next level

Google exec Charles Yim joins monetisation outfit PlayHaven as COO
A veteran of mobile advertising with AdMob and Google, Charles Yim has joined PlayHaven as chief operating officer.

The 60-strong monetisation platform - it labels itself a 'LifeTime Value Maximisation' platform - will look to Yim to lead strategic growth as it expands globally and refines its product line.

"The industry is evolving so quickly but we're totally focused on providing developers with the tools they need to overcome the challenges of monetisation," Yim said.

Maximising potential

PlayHaven closed an $8 million funding round in late 2012, bringing its accumulated total to $11.5 million.

It's using the cash to drive international expansion with new offices in the process of being opened, while the number of games within the platform was up 425 percent during 2012. The number of game sessions was up 484 percent.

The platform includes an ad network that runs across 4,000 games and reaches 100 million unique users, while its LTV maximisation tools enable developers to segment players with customised offers, rewards and announcements.

"PlayHaven has experienced tremendous growth and we're fortunate to gain the strategic leadership and experience Charles brings to the table," commented CEO Andy Yang.

"We look forward to seeing his shared vision and operational expertise contribute to our growth and success at every level of the business."
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