Get your gameface on: Applifier adds FaceCam to Everyplay video sharing platform

Lets users create and share video commentaries

Get your gameface on: Applifier adds FaceCam to Everyplay video sharing platform
Applifier has added a feature it's calling 'FaceCam' to its Everyplay video sharing platform for mobile games.

In its current form, Everyplay lets gamers record and share video clips from their favourite games.

With FaceCam, gamers will also be able to use their device's front-facing camera to record gameplay reactions as well as video and audio commentaries too, which will sit picture-in-picture alongside gameplay clips.

Share and share alike

"Mobile gamers are passionate about their games. With Everyplay they can finally share that passion with their friends and connect with other game fans in a meaningful way," explained Applifier founder and CEO Jussi Laakkonen.

"FaceCam takes sharing to a new level. We are expanding from game replays to players' personal stories and enabling more meaningful sharing."

The FaceCam feature is part of the latest Everyplay SDK, currently in private beta.

Applifier is accepting applications from developers that are interested in implementing these new features ahead of their public launch in March 2013.

As an aside

To coincide with this announcement, Applifier also took the opportunity to talk up the successes of its Everyplay platform to date.

Secret Exit, for instance, implemented Everyplay in its falling-over-sim Stair Dismount last December, and within 30 days the studio found that its userbase had shared more than 10,000 video replays.

The most popular venue for sharing was Facebook, where an average of 15 friends watched each replay, and 12 percent of these viewers clicked through to Stair Dismount's App Store page from the video.

"The ability to share replays was the biggest feature missing from our game Stair Dismount. Everyplay lets our players share the comedy of the game with their friends and game fans," explained Secret Exit CEO Jani Kahrama.

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