Execution Labs launches Lab Partners to boost indie cross-promotion

Incubator offers service through Chartboost

Execution Labs launches Lab Partners to boost indie cross-promotion
Canadian incubator-accelerator Execution Labs is speeding up its operations.

It's announced its Lab Partners program, which will help the indie developers it's working with, and other indies, to find fellow studios they can cooperative with to run cross-promotion campaigns.

The free service is accessed via the Lab Partners section of the Execution Labs website and delivered through the self-service Direct Deals functionality offered by monetisation outfit Chartboost.

Small fish combine to increase pond

"The market has shifted in favour of large publishers who can afford to spend $1.50 or more to acquire new players," commented Execution Labs' co-founder Keith Katz.

"We're trying to level the playing field by providing a matchmaking service that allows indie developers to find other developers who want to strike direct cross-promotional deals."

Indie mobile game developers who wish to be a Lab Partner can sign up and use the service here
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