The indie app store is go: Selfpubd launches Thumb Arcade

Movement gains a marketplace

The indie app store is go: Selfpubd launches Thumb Arcade
Do indie developers need a publisher, a route to market, or a promo platform once their games are out there?

In one way or another, all three and more are now catered for by various industry players - the last of the three the domain of indie movement Selfpubd and its newly launched Thumb Arcade venture.

Thumb Arcade bills itself as a web-based discovery tool for the best indie games across iOS and Android – Windows Phone and BlackBerry support incoming – with categories not confined to the usual 'puzzle' or 'action' definitions, but rather groups that fit set player profiles.

'Related content'

"You'll see that we've taken a unique approach to the browse categories, which are based on the seven 'game player' psyches," details Selfpubd founder Andy Rosic.

"It's an effort to help players discover related content that fits their 'profile'. Obviously we encourage looking everywhere, but if you like puzzle type games then browsing through 'Mastermind' is going to be a lot more satisfying than a more mundane 'puzzles' would be."

The platform, which is tooled up both for desktop and mobile browsers, is – in Rosic's words - "actually 100 percent indie", with developers retaining control of their IP and Selfpubd itself taking "zero revenue from the developer's sales here".

The desktop version of Thumb Arcade

Clicking to download any games naturally takes the user to the corresponding app store, with Thumb Arcade relying on users identifying the site as a worthy first port of call.

Who needs publishers

Its debut comes almost two years after Selfpubd – formally known as Who Needs Chillingo? - launched with the intent of uniting indie developers that had, until then, either been forced to go it alone, or sign up with a publisher.

"Selfpubd has built, and is building, a slate of tools for indie studios," Rosic told us back in November.

"Selfpubd disrupts the game publishing space, providing a service that breaks the mould and eliminates the perpetual conflict between indie developers and publishers.

"Our platform is a scalable product that will grow with the indie community by delivering tools that drive indies to succeed."

You can check out Thumb Arcade for yourself on the platform's website.

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