Partner power: PlayHaven brings monetisation platform to Marmalade devs

Put some LTV in your SDK

Partner power: PlayHaven brings monetisation platform to Marmalade devs
Mobile monetization firm PlayHaven announced that its lifetime value (LTV) maximisation tools are now available for Marmalade, a popular cross-platform SDK for mobile apps.

Marmalade has expanded aggressively recently, expanding into iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support in 2012 while adding support for Windows Phone 8 in 2013.

PlayHaven has expanded quite impressively as well, adding 109 million new users in the first quarter of 2013.

Most of its popularity is owed to its reported tracking of over 523 million unique mobile users, which allows for broad-reaching monetisation campaigns.

Flowing like Marmalade

By integrating its LTV tools with Marmalade, PlayHaven will allow Marmalade developers to easily acquire new players, while engaging and monetizing them in a targeted, intelligent manner.

It manages the first feat with focused cost-per-install advertising campaigns, while the latter is handled through targeted, in-app marketing communications (cross promotions, rewards, and the like).

Finally, PlayHaven's LTV tools will help Marmalade developers understand the performance of their games better by providing a suite of usage, campaign, and revenue performance metrics through a web-based dashboard.

Speaking on the integration, Marmalade CEO Harvey Elliott noted that decision was driven by a desire "to provide our developer community with the right tools they need to be successful, innovative and competitive in today's app marketplace."

Those interested in learning more about PlayHaven's tools can do so by visiting its website.

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