Friend recommendations drive 36% of installs for power players, reckons SessionM

Followed by reviews and loyalty programs

Friend recommendations drive 36% of installs for power players, reckons SessionM
When it comes to surveys, we need to be aware for confirmation bias.

That's the tendency we'll set up our survey to favour the outcomes we want.

It's not even necessarily about trying to be deceitful. It's just part of human nature.

Which brings us to SessionM's surveys.

The real-world rewards network publishes quarterly reports looking at how users interact with content that rewards their activity.

It particularly focuses on a group it calls 'Power Users'; defined as the most active 33.3 percent of users.

Power Gamers

In its most recent report, it looks at specifically at gaming.

Surveying 26,000 players, it reckons Power Players accounted for 81 percent of time spend in games, performing 11.8 times more actions than 'average' players.

What really caught my eye, however, was SessionM's breakdown of the reasons these players install a new game.

It reckons the top reason is a friend's recommendation (36 percent), which sounds about right.

Next is that the game had a good review (23 percent), followed by whether a game offers an app loyalty program (19 percent).

Both these seem high, particularly the second one.

Still, SessionM is nothing if not committed to its cause.

It also reckons that 53 percent of Power Players said they would be more likely to keep playing a game that included a loyalty program.

You can check out the full Power Player Report Q2 2013 here (PDF).

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