Kabam lays off 23 staff as mobile move ramps up

Imperium: Galactic Wars also closed

Kabam lays off 23 staff as mobile move ramps up
Kabam is to close browser-based title Imperium: Galactic Wars - leading to 23 layoffs at its studio in Austin, Texas - as part of its wider drive towards a focusing on mobile.

The company, which entered the mobile market in 2012, has seen its revenues rise since it began to pull away from Facebook - the social network having shown signs of decay for developers during the last couple of years.

This latest cull further highlights this move towards mobile, kickstarted by a previous round of layoffs back in June.

Mobile mover

This mobile focus isn't without good reason, either.

Google Ventures – which recently purchased a $38.5 million stake in Kabam – said its interest in Kabam was down to the fact it had "made the transition to mobile at a time when many previously Facebook-oriented gaming companies haven't."

However, VP of corporate communications, Steve Swasey has claimed that, while 70 percent of Kabam's current revenues come from mobile, the other 30 percent still comes from web games.

"Facebook is still very important to Kabam," he said.

"Games have to be able to show promise and show future. If a game doesn't, then we discontinue it. That's not atypical of games companies It's sad, but you need games that are continually hits."

[source: Gamasutra]

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