Mobile generating the majority of growth in video advertising, reckons SupersonicAds

Total video budgets up 70% in 2013

Mobile generating the majority of growth in video advertising, reckons SupersonicAds

Web and mobile monetisation outfit SupersonicAds has broken out details of its 2013 performance.

Overall, mobile adoption on the SupersonicAds platform grew by more than 190 percent.

The company also highlighted the extent to which its client base is going mobile, saying that 75 percent of new products going live on its platform were mobile.

Significantly, the majority of clients are running campaigns across mobile and web.

Mobile tipping the balance

Yet, drilling down into more details, when it comes to the most popular cross-platform ad unit - video ads - web still dominates. The platform accounts for 80 percent of the campaigns budget spend on video campaigns, compared to 20 percent for mobile.

During 2013, video budgets on the SupersonicAds platform were up 70 percent, with mobile generating 40 percent of that growth.

For that reason, SupersonicAds expects the balance between the two platforms to move to a 50:50 split during 2014, with overall budgets predicted to rise by 20 percent.

"Cross-platform will be the trend for brand advertisers in 2014 as more and more savvy brand partners double down on their mobile strategies," commented Gil Shoham, SupersonicAds' CEO.

"Our ability to successfully deliver on this strategy allows our partners to recognize greater efficiencies and be more holistic in their overall digital approach."

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