SupersonicAds rolls out Ultra for Mobile platform

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SupersonicAds rolls out Ultra for Mobile platform
There are two key trends in mobile advertising at present; video ads and single dashboards.

And SupersonicAds is looking to make the most of both with the roll out of its Ultra advertising and monetisation platform to mobile.

Called Ultra for Mobile, it's an API-lead platform (so no SDK integration) that aggregates your data into a single dashboard.

Oh, and it also enables you to add multiple video ad SDKs.

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"Managing mobile inventory is a challenge for our partners," explained CEO Gil Shoham.

"Ultra for Mobile creates substantial cost and time efficiencies by enabling our partners to manage and sell their inventory across multiple advertising sources through one robust turnkey platform."

Used by companies such as King, Social Point, Wooga, and Digital Chocolate, Ultra for Mobile enables you to control your inventory in terms of minimum pricing, ad placement and video length, down the level of the ads shown per user, and in terms of segmentation such as per country or paying/non-paying user.

Supporting iOS and Android, it also provides full transparency and real time provider yield optimisation, A/B tests and product optimisation.
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