The Kim Kardashian way: Using brands effectively can be a shortcut to success, says EEDAR

A matter of matching

The Kim Kardashian way: Using brands effectively can be a shortcut to success, says EEDAR

Using an established brand to boost the profile of your game is a sure fire way to stand out in today's crowded, oversaturated mobile marketplaces.

That's according to research conducted by video game research moguls EEDAR, which also shows that joining forces with an established brand is key to receiving endorsements from consumers outside of target demographics.

In order to capitalise, however, developers must ensure that they match the right brand to the right consumer base, with EEDAR highlighting the recent Kim Kardashian game as an example of branding done right.

Brand power

EEDAR's research of North American gamers shows that celebrity branding is particularly effective with consumers invested in the fashion simulation genre.

However, results also show that celebrity branding is actually the weakest form of branding available to developers looking to profit elsewhere, with only 14 percent of gamers believing that celebrity branding influences their purchases

Celebrity brand influence by player base

Patrick Walker, head of insights at EEDAR, explained exclusively to that the firm's research proves that developers looking to break into the Fashion Simulation genre must look to harness the power of branding. It is essential. 

Follow the leader

"Using an established brand is an effective way to increase the chances of creating a successful mobile game, but it is critical to effectively match the brand to the target audience. The Kim Kardashian game is a great example of matching a brand to a consumer group," said Walker.

Download influence by brand type

"EEDAR survey research shows that celebrity branding, normally less effective than other forms of branding, is especially effective with Fashion Simulation players," Walker continued.

"Genre provides a nice framework for making consumer-focused development decisions."

Across the mobile field, brands in general remain an important factor when it comes to mobile gamers determining their next purchase, with EEDAR placing it as sixth most important reason according to its survey results.

Why mobile gamers download the games they do

That doesn't specifically refer to celebrities, however, with licenses like FIFA or brands like Modern Combat enjoying their own pull.


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