Berlin, Vilnius, Minsk, Paris, Belgrade, Helsinki - Pocket Gamer and SkyMobi go on tour

Bringing mobile mixers to Berlin, Vilnius, Belgrade, Paris and Helsinki

Berlin, Vilnius, Minsk, Paris, Belgrade, Helsinki - Pocket Gamer and SkyMobi go on tour

Do you love our mobile gaming events? Then you’ll be delighted to hear that we are about to host our first ever events tour, bringing Mobile Mixers to cities across Europe throughout October and November.

The Pocket Gamer Mixer Tour: Autumn Edition, powered by SkyMobi, kicks off on the 8th October in Berlin and heads off to four other cities before arriving in Helsinki on the 17th November.

On Tour

Yes, in the space of a little under seven weeks we will be bringing the mobile gaming networking love to six different countries.

Bringing along the Pocket Gamer team, expert judges and a whole load of bonhomie, we’re looking to bring together anyone with an interest in mobile games for networking and mutual learning.

So when can you expect to see us in your neck of the woods? Here are the dates for you to keep in your diary:

Berlin - 7th October
Vilnius - 10th October
Minsk - 16th October
Paris - 30th October
Belgrade - 10th November
Helsinki - 17th November

Get involved

In the coming weeks, we’ll be updating you with all the details about each event in turn so that you can keep an eye on everything going on (including those all important Eventbrite sign up forms).

A shot from our last Mixer in Berlin

But in the meantime, why not think about getting involved in the tour in another way?

We’re on the lookout still for potential speakers and sponsors, so feel free to drop an email to if you’re interested in the former or if interested in the latter.

Whatever happens, we’ll be bringing some top quality talks and talking to the majority of Europe in the next two months – we’re looking forward to seeing you on tour soon.

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