Microsoft enters the virtual reality gaming race with Xbox One VR

Reportedly prepping its own headset

Microsoft enters the virtual reality gaming race with Xbox One VR

Oculus is good for the competition.

It's established the desire for virtual reality gaming, proven that it can work, and is still far enough away from a commercial release that anyone who wants to get in on the action has time to develop their own system.

The latest on the virtual reality scene, it seems, is Microsoft, after developers confirmed to VRFocus that they're already working on software for an Xbox One head mounted display.

Console heads-up 

It's still a rumour, though a solid one, that Microsoft is circulating early versions of its own virtual reality headset among a select set of game devs, presumably to shore up some demos for the big unveil, which is currently expected to be at the E3 2015 show.

Neither is the move a huge surprise, given the popularity of the Oculus Rift, the recently launched Gear VR from Samsung, and Sony's intention to bring virtual reality gaming to the Xbox One's closest rival, the PlayStation 4.

Indeed, if Microsoft wasn't working on virtual reality it'd be likely to fall further behind than it's already suffering in the smartphone market. Which also makes us wonder if the new virtual reality gaming angle will tie in with Microsoft's smartphone and tablet strategies, and perhaps give them the shot in the arm they need so badly.

These reports also speculate on some of the technology inside the HMD, including eye-tracking, which comes from patents owned by Microsoft, and its close relationship with tech company FOVE that specialises in such devices.

No doubt the rumours will be confirmed shortly.

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