Leaked memo reveals Ouya is up for sale

End of the road for VC-funded outfit

Leaked memo reveals Ouya is up for sale

A leaked email sent out by CEO Julie Uhrman reportedly states that Ouya is up for sale.

It’s a remarkable turn, since while admitedly the Android-powered unconsole had been facing poor performance in western markets, recent months has seen Ouya come back fighting.

Orginally riding on the wave of Kickstarter enthusiasm and cash, in January 2015 it scored a $10 million investment from Alibaba, plus Unreal Engine 4 support for its growing library of 1,000 games.

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Still, Fortune uncovered a memo that suggests Ouya has failed to become a going concern so now in Uhrman’s words the company is now looking to swiftly “recover as much investor capital as possible.”

Investment bank Mesa Global is reportedly managing the sale, with Uhrman telling employees that the former Kickstarter success story is “looking for expressions of interest by the end of this month.”

She continues saying “We believe we've built something real and valuable. I continue to read the tweets and emails of our fans who play OUYA every day, and our catalog is now over 1,000 apps and 40,000 developers.

“We have the largest library of Android content for the TV (still more than Amazon) - hells ya!"


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