Updated: Innogames acquires Funatics to create a mobile-focused Dusseldorf studio

40-strong studio is ready to roll

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March 15th, 2016 Funatics Software
Not disclosed
Updated: Innogames acquires Funatics to create a mobile-focused Dusseldorf studio

Updated: We've been informed that while the Funatics team has joined Innogames, it's not a formal acquistion, more of an at-scale recruitment. And Funatics still has deals running with publishers for their previously developed games, which it continues to support.

German PC and mobile publisher Innogames has expanded its mobile business with the acquisition of fellow German studio Funatics Software.

The small team, which was previously based in Oberhausen, now moves into Innogames' Dusseldorf studio.

Terms of the deal weren't revealed.

Full steam ahead

As a result, Funatics' founder Thomas Friedmann takes the new role of Studio Director in Dusseldorf, where he will be responsible for several mobile titles.

Friedmann takes over from Dennis Rohlfing, who returns to his original job of Studio Director at Innogames' Hamburg HQ.

"Of course, it is difficult to abandon Funatics, but we confidently opted to move to InnoGames because they understand exactly how to develop successful free-to-play games," commented Friedmann.

"InnoGames combines creative game design with effective monetization and always has long-term entertainment for players in mind."

The Funatics team

"With about 40 employees, the Dusseldorf studio is a cornerstone of our mobile strategy," added Innogames' CPO Armin Busen.

"The Funatics team knows how to work in a cross-functional way; harvesting the power of small teams just like us. Thus, they fit perfectly into our studio strategy based on scalable and controlled growth on diverse gaming platforms",

Moving forward, Innogames now divides itself into four studios; three in Hamburg and one in Dusseldorf, and over 400 staff. 

Each studio operates Innogames' existing cross-platform PC and mobile titles, alongside working on new games.

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