Armada Interactive raises $3 million to give core mobile gaming a hard push

Remedy, BioWare, Crytek vets reboot

Date Type Companies involved Size
April 20th, 2016 investment Armada Interactive
Index Ventures
Initial Capital
Next Games
Armada Interactive raises $3 million to give core mobile gaming a hard push

Yes, it seems that you can squeeze another mobile game studio into Helsinki.

The latest experienced and well-funded startup to rise in mobile gaming capital city is Armada Interactive.

Ambitious in its desire to re-define core mobile gaming with synchronous PvP, 3D console graphics, eSports potential, innovative UI etc, the studio has already raised $3 million in its seed round.

The reason?

The "epic game" the 20-strong team has in development (which it isn't yet discussing), and the pedigree of its founders.

The founding team

They are:

Spending the money

As for the investors, they are similarly well-known set of early stage names:

  • Initial Capital (Supercell, Space Ape, Resolution Games, Super Evil Megacorp),
  • Index Ventures (King, Supercell)
  • PROfounders Capital (Small Giants)
  • Chris Lee (Eight Pixel Square, Another Place, Space Ape, Hutch, Hello Games)
  • Next Games,
  • Backed,
  • Reaktor Ventures,
  • Sisu Game Ventures,
  • Reynir Hardarson (ex CCP), and,
  • Ben Feder (ex T2 CEO).

"The games being developed by Armada incorporate innovative and revolutionary UX and game play that bring the player experience to dimensions not previously seen in mobile gaming," said Initial Capital partner Ken Lamb.

"We are delighted to be backing a world class team which combines triple-A development talent with mobile and freemium expertise," added Index Ventures general partner Ben Holmes.

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