Is Sega working on a mobile strategy RPG called Sega Blast Heroes?

Facebook ad suggests so

Is Sega working on a mobile strategy RPG called Sega Blast Heroes?

It looks like Sega might be working on a new mobile game called Sega Blast Heroes.

An ad spotted on Facebook features a host of classic Sega characters remade in high-quality pixel art, playing with the Sega logo.

The description reads "Your favorite SEGA heroes are back together in this brand new strategy RPG. Join the adventure."

It also remarks that you will "battle bosses & collect new characters", as well as saying you will "unlock new heroes everyday! [sic]"

Without a trace

From here, things get a little strange.

Clicking the ad leads to a Storemaven page, a service designed for A/B testing images on app stores.

Meanwhile, the page posting the advert, SEGA Mobile, claims to be a fan page for Sega's mobile games, and has only been active since June 21 2016.

There's also no mention of the game elsewhere on the Internet, and the ad's image appears to be unique to the page.

Ear to the ground

Despite this, it doesn't make a lot of sense for a Facebook fan page to be running A/B tests on its cover photos.

And it's entirely plausible that Sega would want to release a strategy game featuring its back catalogue of characters, which appears to include cult classics Space Channel 5 and Jet Set Radio.

Either way, it might be worth keeping an eye out for Sega Blast Heroes in the future.


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