Flaregames soft-launches new Nonstop Knight title Nonstop Chuck Norris

The kids do love their memes

Flaregames soft-launches new Nonstop Knight title Nonstop Chuck Norris

Flaregames seems to be cashing in on its Kopla Games acquisition by releasing a branded version of Nonstop Knight using the likeness of Chuck Norris.

Nonstop Chuck Norris looks to be mechanically very similar to the original game, albeit themed around the former action hero turned Internet sensation. It's currently soft-launched in Canada and the Philippines.

The title is an idle action-RPG in which Norris will kill enemies and gather loot whether the app is open or not. Active players can make use of special abilities to help them out in-game.


Flaregames appears to be doubling down on the "meme" appeal of Norris in the game, with one of the in-app purchases being a "Doge" bundle, for example.

Nonstop Knight proved to be a major success for flaregames. The German publisher saw its revenues triple following the game's launch, and it acquired developer Kopla Games as a result.

Flaregames also recently soft-launched Zombie Gunship Survival, a free-to-play adaptation of the previously popular Zombie Gunship series developed by Limbic Software.


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