Nonstop Knight rushes past 12 million downloads in 10 months

Players have spent 56 million hours in-game collectively

Nonstop Knight rushes past 12 million downloads in 10 months

Kopla Games and flaregames' idle RPG Nonstop Knight has generated 12 million downloads since first launching in June 2016.

The game has seen success around the world, reaching the top 100 ranks on the iOS App Store in 124 countries. It has also received a positive reception from players, achieving a 4.7/5 rating on the App Store and 4.5/5 on Google Play.

Players have spent a total of 56 million hours in the game, equivalent to nearly 6,400 years of playtime. They have also collectively defeated one billion bosses and collected 34 million pets.

Rushing ahead

The last time flaregames gave a download figure for Nonstop Knight was in October 2016 when the game hit seven million downloads.

Nonstop Knight proved such a success for flaregames that it acquired developer Kopla Games in August 2016. The title has also spawned a licensed IP spin-off in the shape of the recently-launched Nonstop Chuck Norris.


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