Thanos brings the Infinity War to Fortnite

Two giants collide in a limited-time mode for Epic's smash shooter

Thanos brings the Infinity War to Fortnite

Two giants of media are coming together as Fortnite: Battle Royale brings Infinity War to the battlefield.

For a limited time players can take part in a special gameplay mode that brings Avengers villain Thanos to the field.

Infinite possibility

Rounds play out mostly as standard, with the exception of an Infinity Gauntlet dropped somewhere on the map. When picked up, players transform into the purple puncher himself - unable to build or pick up weapons, but armed with an arsenal of special abilities.

Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo appear to be fans of Epic’s hit, taking breaks between editing to squeeze in rounds of Battle Royale.

The pair contacted Donald Mustard, worldwide creative director of Epic games, about a potential collaboration between the two franchises.

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