LA-based start-up Wonder working on Android Nintendo Switch-like hybrid device

Wonder is hoping to release the device next year

LA-based start-up Wonder working on Android Nintendo Switch-like hybrid device

LA-based games start-up Wonder is working on a device that brings all of the Nintendo Switch’s functionality to an Android phone.

In an interview with The Verge, Wonder CEO Andy Kleinman said he wanted to create a device for enthusiast consumers.

He added that he was motivated to bring something unique to the mobile space as he felt Apple was ruling the roost.

The device is described as a standard Android smartphone as it is sleek, square cornered and has a massive screen. The added caveat, however, is a custom layer of software called the WonderOS that means you can overclock the phone’s graphics processor. In doing so, the device can beam the display to a television when docked, much like a Switch.

“Everyone has the same exact product,” said Kleinman.

“They position it the same way by going after the masses. Nobody has anything unique. Apple is basically crushing everybody because Apple is all about the ecosystem.”

Androids, Switch docks and subscriptions

Wonder’s product will launch as a part of a hardware package with a subscription service that supplies buyers with a smartphone, dock, controller and access to a slew of additional software features.

According to Kleinman, these will range from access to original games, licensed and mobile-optimised third-party titles, and other entertainment hub-like features.

The dock itself will let the device run games on the big screen with the controller, while the controller itself will have a physical slot for the phone.

Kleinman didn’t reveal any information regarding pricing but did say the product should come out next year.

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