Old-School Runescape comes to mobile with an open beta on Android

Subscription-paying Members to playtest mobile port of the venerable MMORPG

Old-School Runescape comes to mobile with an open beta on Android

Runescape's throwback 'Old School' version has entered open beta on Android.

After announcing a mobile port of the classic MMORPG last year, developer Jagex launched an open beta period for Old School Runescape on Android last Thursday.

“After a series of incredibly successful closed testing periods, it's time for Old School RuneScape Mobile on Android to make the jump to open testing,” said Jagex in a statement.

“As of 2pm BST on July 5th, players with membership will be able to download, install, and play the Android Members beta.”

Member's club

The beta is available to Runescape ‘Members’ (accounts with paid subscriptions). There is also currently an install limit in place, placing a cap on how many players can download the title.

Jagex explained the install limit is “in place only to ensure that we can continue to monitor the stability of the build".

An iOS version of the game is still in development, as Jagex attempts to “provide a continuous, uninterrupted service for Old School RuneScape on iOS". A build is set to show up for the platform “later in the Summer".

Built on the 2007 edition of Runescape, Old School lets players participate in the game as it was over a decade ago, with continued support and updates.

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