The Walking Dead: March to War shutting down in January

Disruptor Beam's undead mobile strategy will be wrapping up over the next three month

The Walking Dead: March to War shutting down in January

Disruptor Beam’s The Walking Dead: March to War will shut down at the end of next January.

The developer announced on November 1st that it would begin to wrap up development on the 2017 strategy title over the next three months. The post announcing the game’s shutdown does not mention what has brought the game to closure.

No official reason was given for its closure, though it can be assumed that the title wasn't generating enough revenue to continue with development and support.

“Many of you have made your mark in March to War for more than a year: hunting for resources, cutting down walkers and fighting for your communities,” read a statement.

“We appreciate your support for the game and thank you for the time you spent exploring - and surviving - the world of The Walking Dead with us.

“All good things must come to an end, however, and we will soon be reaching the conclusion of our apocalyptic journey. The Walking Dead: March to War is shutting down on January 31st 2019.”

Dead Game Walking

To compensate players, Disruptor Beam promises players a series of “end of days” gifts over the closing months.

The company faced layoffs around this time last year. At the time, Disruptor Beam stated it was planning to refocus on titles such as Star Trek Timelines and The Walking Dead: March to War.

Evidentally, one of those seems to have panned out more successfully than the other.

This September, Tilting Point extended support of Disruptor Beam with a $29m investment to market Star Trek Timelines. The firm had previously backed Disruptor Beam to help the developer increase user acquisition efforts for the licensed sci-fi title.

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