Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire made on average $1 million a day in November

Combat-focused city builder earned $30 million worldwide throughout last month

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire made on average $1 million a day in November

MZ’s city-builder-slash-battler Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire made an average of $1 million per day throughout November.

That’s according to Sensor Tower, which reports that the mobile title earned roughly $30 million through November across both the App Store and Google Play.

42 per cent of player spend came from the United States, the game’s largest audience, with Japan following in second with 28 per cent.

Platform distribution is roughly equal, with iOS eking out a slight majority at approximately 52 per cent to Google Play’s 48 per cent.

Not quite final

Sensor Tower likewise reports that in total, A New Empire has earned over $485 million in lifetime revenue worldwide.

In August, we reported that the city-builder earned $380 million in one year alone. But in June, it was revealed that the developer had laid off 125 employees after shutting down ad-tech branch Cognant.

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I. C. FOOLS Tech
That sure is a lot of people getting ripped off each day - I wonder if the visible in-game activity would support those numbers?. It's all smoke and mirror and one heck of a shady cleaning operation being run; that's what MZ is all about. Why are you not reporting at all on their newest POS title that's been out since August?? You know, the one that they are running behind yet another bogus dev name...