Fyber partners with Game of Whales to predict user lifetime value based on IAPs and ads

Solution designed to help optimise user acquisition campaigns

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March 14th, 2019 partnership Fyber
Game of Whales
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Fyber partners with Game of Whales to predict user lifetime value based on IAPs and ads

Marketing technology firm Fyber has partnered with mobile tools provider Game of Whales so that games publishers can accurately calculate user lifetime value in real-time.

What makes this offering unique is that it claims to automatically calculate both in-app purchase and ad revenue. Publishers can use this solution to attribute each impression and the price paid to individual users engaging with ads and use this to predict ad LTVs.

The companies claim this solution will help publishers optimise user acquisition budgets by predicting which users will be profitable that can then be targetted in campaigns, as well as improve the user experience to drive retention and prevent churn.

Founded in 2016, Game of Whales created a fully automated artificial intelligence system that helps mobile games developers to increase their user’s lifetime value. It won the accolade for Best Tools Provider at the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2019 in association with Game Insight..

Unlocking the ads 'black box'

“We’re thrilled to partner with Game of Whales so that together we can unlock the value of the segment of one”, said Fyber president Offer Yehudai.

“Our combined solution allows publishers to maximise yield and optimise the experience of each individual user, which is game changing. For the first time, they’re in full control of their destinies.”

Game of Whales co-founder and CEO Doron Kagan added: “We are excited to partner with Fyber, whose advanced programmatic bidding technology allows publishers to see a complete and precise LTV on a user level.

“In the last few years since the rise of the hyper-casual trend, the ads share in the total revenue pie has increased significantly and nowadays, even the top grossing companies are looking to monetise the 98 per cent that don't pay through IAP in a smart way without risking the existing revenues.

“While the tracking, attribution and optimisation of IAP have evolved significantly, ads revenue remained a ‘black box’. With this partnership, we deliver a cutting edge, holistic LTV optimisation platform that takes into consideration both IAP and ads to assure the right action is taken for every specific user.”

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