Tencent integrates new live streaming e-commerce functions in WeChat

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Tencent integrates new live streaming e-commerce functions in WeChat

Chinese firm Tencent has integrated live streaming features into its WeChat platform to support e-commerce.

As reported by Weixin and translated by KrAsia, the tech giant is embedding an H5 page into its program platform WeChat. The new feature will not be added unless requested by users.

When a product has been listed in a live stream, viewers can now click on it to be taken to the vendor's own mini program to complete the sale.

The company started to select e-commerce players a while ago, according to Weixin, with the intention of testing the live streaming functions. Besides this, Tencent began to recruit companies focusing on content management also to test out its new service.


Tencent claims WeChat has 1.1 billion active users each month. Now that the platform is open to a variety of smaller vendors, the new function allows the Chinese company to compete with other firms in the e-commerce sector, such as Alibaba.

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