Cut the Rope star Om Nom returns in Om Nom: Merge

First game from new biz unit ZeptoLab Green

Cut the Rope star Om Nom returns in Om Nom: Merge

ZeptoLab Green has announced the release of its new mobile game Om Nom: Merge.

Created with UK developer Amuzo, the game has you merging hungry creatures called Nommies to create more powerful versions that can eat more fruit.

Each Nommie has three variations, bringing a collection element to the game.

Of course, Om Nom also gets into the action, using his spells to make fruit grow faster and doubles the amount of gold players collect.

ZeptoLab Green is the new business unit from ZeptoLab for all things Om Nom, including games, animation, merchandise and licensing.

The original Cut the Rope game, starring Om Nom, has been downloaded over one billion times.

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